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How to Shovel Snow: Tips and Strategies for a Successful Winter

Clearing paved surfaces of ice and snow can feel like a never ending chore during the winter. Remember that snow shoveling is a marathon, not a sprint. Here are a few snow fighting tips to help you work smarter, not harder, and spend more time enjoying your winter.

How to Shovel Snow: Tips and Strategies for a Successful Winter

Get Supplies Early

Acquiring snow fighting supplies early give you access to the best selection, and highest inventory. Never wait until snow is on the Doppler, because that is when panic buying sets in, last minute shoppers clog retail lines, and inventories deplete.

Believe it or not, early fall is the ideal time of year to stock up on the supplies you need for the snow fight ahead. Select the best snow shovel you can afford, as early as you can. Don’t get stuck with flimsy leftovers that won’t last the winter.

Remember, that even if you have a snowblower, they can’t do the whole job. Shovels can help you get all the way down to the paved surface and are better to use on porches and tight areas. Try to purchase a wide, durable (but lightweight) shovel with a tough edge and ergonomic handles.

Let’s take a look at some steps to take once the storm begins to clear.

Before You Shovel

Tune in to local news and trusted apps to monitor weather conditions before you venture out. Paying attention to snow in the near future will help your plan of attack. 

When playing or working in the snow outside, wear layers of appropriate clothing. Layers are easier to shed if you start to warm up while shoveling. Wear shoes with plenty of traction to help you avoid slips and falls. 

Before you get started, look around your property for fallen trees, branches, and downed power lines. If there are downed lines on your property, do not approach them. Keep children and pets away from the area until they are repaired by a professional. Live wires in wet snow present a huge electrocution risk. Call your power company immediately and wait for assistance.

While You Shovel

Snow shovel tips from Ice Slicer

Snow Shoveling Tips

• Start early if possible. It is much easier on your body to shovel snow a couple inches at a time before it becomes dense and packed down.
• For really sticky snow, spray a light coating of cooking spray onto the scoop of your shovel for easier release.
• Distribute ice melt in small sections you have cleared, that way it can give you traction as you work.
• When shoveling a sloped surface (like a driveway), start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. As the deicer melts into a brine, it will gently move down
the slope and can undercut ice before you even get there with the shovel.
• Push the snow as much as possible instead of lifting it.
• Avoid bending over and twisting your torso too much.
• Take regular hydration breaks for rest. Your body is working much harder in the colder temperatures than you think. Overexertion and heart attacks during snow
shoveling are unfortunately a common problem every year.

Ice Melt Tips

• Use leftover product from last winter before new product. If old product has clumped a little bit, break apart chunks so you can disperse evenly. Choosing a deicer without added liquid chlorides will reduce hardening while in storage.
• Have a plan of attack so you address the most important areas first. Focus on stairs and entry or exit points in front of doors and gates. Then you can move on to driveways and other paths.
• Disperse deicer in responsible amounts. Evenly sprinkle down a light handful about every other stride to start with.
• Aim for even coverage, not quantity.
• Avoid using deicing materials on new concrete (wait at least a year before exposing fresh concrete to deicers).

After You Shovel

Snow and ice can melt during the day and then refreeze at night when temperatures drop. Even if you have already shoveled, watch for ice slicks as you walk and play on your property.

Store your shovel and deicing materials back in a dry and easy to access location. Keep them handy to be ready for future storms.

The Perfect Snow Shovel Companion

Purchasing the right deicer alleviates a lot of winter worries and restores winter fun!
Nature’s Blend from Ice Slicer gives you the power of high performance road salt but is natural and safe to use at home with your children and pets.

Ice Slicer Nature's Blend, your snow shovel's perfect companion

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