Granular Deicer: What Makes Ice Slicer Unique

Ice Slicer is Chemically Unique

The Synergy of Complex Chlorides

All ice melt products contain ingredients that lower the freezing temperature of water. Chloride salts are the most common and economical freeze point depressants:

  • Sodium chloride (performs down to 21°F)
  • Potassium chloride (performs down to 12°F)
  • Magnesium chloride (performs down to 5°F)
  • Calcium chloride (performs down to -25°F)

Ice Slicer complex chlorides outperform the simple chlorides in white salt

Each chloride salt behaves differently when added to ice and snow, and works best at different temperature ranges. White salt solely contains sodium chloride and only works down to around 21° F. Ice Slicer naturally contains a blend of complex chlorides that kickstart faster melting, then synergize and work together at lower temperatures.

  • Click here to learn more about complex chlorides

Chemical Formula of 60+ Trace Minerals

Ice Slicer also contains over 60 trace minerals that reduce corrosion and naturally buffer the effects of chlorides on the environment. In fact, when applied in the correct amounts, Ice Slicer’s unique chemistry of rare earth minerals nourish soil, vegetation, and animals alike.

Environmentally friendly deicer

Ice Slicer Is Physically Unique

Homogenous Blend

Ice Slicer is naturally mined and unrefined, so its homogenous blend of over 60 minerals remains undisturbed. Free from the liquid coatings of other deicing salts, Ice Slicer can maintain the same high performance for longer because its formula is uniformly distributed through every granule.

Natural Color

Ice Slicer’s unique color also helps it naturally outperform other salts. Its darker color has a lower albedo factor and more efficiently attracts solar radiation for a stronger endothermic reaction and faster melting power.

Ice Slicer's color produces a more powerful endothermic reaction

  • Click here to learn more about albedo factor and the solar properties of ice melt.

Coarse Texture/Crystalline Structure

Direct from Utah’s ground to your roadway, Ice Slicer does not undergo any chemical or physical alterations. This natural mining process preserves Ice Slicer’s coarse surface texture, crystalline structure, and gradation of large to small granules.

Ice Slicer granule sizes

These physical properties help Ice Slicer outperform other salts:

  • Quickly restores stabilizing road traction
  • Grips the road surface and reduces bounce and scatter (less product waste and keeps it on the road where it belongs)
  • Works longer as fine granules brine quickly and large granules brine slowly

Mother Nature has given Ice Slicer every benefit to naturally outperform other salts. Contact us today to try Ice Slicer for yourself!

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