How to Use Ice Melt Responsibly

 The first responsible step to take is acquiring plenty of ice melt early to avoid panic buying, long lines, and depleted inventories. Make sure to purchase enough to last you the whole winter plus additional fall and spring storms. Store your snow fighting supplies in a dry, easy to access location.

When to Use Ice Melt

The first application of ice melt should come just before snow is supposed to fall. Spreading a light amount of deicer can prevent ice from bonding to pavement, and make shoveling much easier.

As you shovel snow, sprinkle down a light handful about every other stride. Using granular ice melt on patches you have just cleared will increase your traction.

Temperatures are higher while the sun is up and plunge during the night hours. As a result, freeze/thaw cycles can create dangerous ice slicks on previously shoveled pavement. For extremely cold nights, it may be helpful to sprinkle another light application over your shoveled areas to prevent another freeze cycle.

How and when to use ice melt

More Ice Melt Tips

  • Use leftover ice melt from last winter before new product. If old product has clumped a little bit, break apart chunks so you can disperse evenly. Deicers without added liquid will have a longer shelf life.
  • Address the most important areas first. Focus on stairs and entry or exit points in front of doors and gates. Then you can move on to driveways and other paths.
  • Disperse deicer in responsible amounts. If you notice a lot of product leftover after snow melts, use less next time.
  • On sloped surfaces, start high and work your way down. Brine will gently flow down the slope and undercut ice on its way down. 
  • Aim for even coverage, not quantity. 
  • Avoid using deicing materials on new concrete. Wait at least a year before exposing fresh concrete to deicers. (Click here to learn more about ice melt and concrete).

Use Responsibly

Moderation is key if you want to use ice melt safely. 

Ice Melt, Children, and Animals

Most ice melt products contain harsh additives that can be harmful if ingested. With these products, supervision is required to avoid some mouth irritation and digestive upset. According to Poison Control, the majority of ingestion incidents cause no problems at all and just require drinking extra fluids. Gently rinse and wipe sensitive soft tissue area (like paws) if salt causes some irritation. 

Thankfully, Nature's Blend is an all natural deicing product without these harmful additives, that is safe to use around children and animals. Our OMRI certified organic blend has a proven track record of safety and has been used for decades by agricultural and animal health experts.

Ice Melt and Plants

Use ice melt responsibly to protect the vegetation that borders your paved surfaces. Excess salt levels can affect plants’ ability to intake water and nutrients and inhibit new growth. Remember that less is more when it comes to deicer application. Be sure to use an ice melt without added liquid chlorides and dyes. These compounds quickly leach out of the granules and are more destructive to vegetation. 

Did you know?  The minerals in Nature's Blend are naturally nourishing for soil and plants! Our sea minerals invigorate soil microbes and offer a full spectrum of trace minerals that plants and soil love.  Follow the recommended application rates and you will no longer have to worry about burning or harming your yard and garden.

The Nature’s Blend Advantage

Purchasing the right deicer alleviates a lot of winter worries and restores winter fun! Nature’s Blend from Ice Slicer gives you the power of high performance road salt but is natural and safe to use at home with your children and pets.

Advantages of Ice Slicer Nature's Blend Ice MeltOur all-natural, granular deicer melts faster and lasts longer than traditional white salt. With no additives or harsh chemicals, Nature's Blend is gentle on concrete, and safe for kids, pets, and landscaping.

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