Ice Melt And Your Spring Garden

What Leaches Out Of Your Ice Melt, Leaches Into Your Garden

All ice melt products work by lowering the freezing point of water. As their ingredients leach out, they mix with the melting snow and ice, and form a solution. This solution runs off to the lowest point and can easily run off into your grass, garden, and soil.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Dyes

To boost performance, some ice melt products coat their granules in added liquid chlorides. These additives leach out quickly in high concentrations and can interfere with plants’ ability to absorb nutrients.

Some products also dye their ice melt to better capture the sun’s rays and make it easier to see when applied. The Environmental Protection Agency states that dyes can bio-accumulate and “form decay products more toxic than the original parent dye compound.”

Plant safe ice melt

Don’t Use Too Much

Ice Melt Myth: The more ice melt you use...the better

Ice Melt Reality: Over-applying ice melt wastes money, makes you run out sooner, and can have adverse effects on your landscaping.

Ice Melt Tips:

  • Sprinkle a light application before a storm hits. This will help prevent ice from bonding with your pavement and remove the temptation to dump large amounts on top of snow that has accumulated.
  • If you can still see a lot of granules left on your pavement even after all the ice and snow melted, then you used too much...scale it back next time.

Nature’s Blend: Natural Hue and High Performance

If you are looking for an ice melt product that will keep you safe during the winter without ruining your spring garden, give Nature’s Blend a try! Ice Slicer® Nature’s Blend is harvested from a Jurassic Era mineral deposit in central Utah. The Earth spent 200 million years giving Nature’s Blend over 60 naturally occurring minerals and a signature reddish simply doesn’t need the harsh additives of other ice melt products. When used in the correct amounts, Nature’s Blend provides soil enriching minerals that plants love.

Did you know?

  • The same mineral deposit that brought you Ice Slicer® supplies a wide range of amendments for your garden!
  • Click here to learn more from Redmond Agriculture about which nutrients your spring garden needs

Environmentally safe ice melt

Nature’s Blend And The Gardens At Temple Square

Each year, Temple Square in Salt Lake City welcomes millions of visitors to its 35 acres of immaculate gardens and carefully preserved historic buildings. Temple Square stays open to the public come rain, sun, snow, or ice. In fact, one of the most popular times for visitors is during the frigid winter months as crowds take in the famous Christmas lights. The Temple Square grounds crew works tirelessly to ensure its network of paths stay free of ice and snow.

which ice melt is safe for plants

After switching to Ice Slicer® Nature's Blend, the Temple Square grounds crew discovered some wonderful benefits:

  • They no longer needed to replace dead grass each spring
  • No more dead flowers from salt burn
  • Faster and longer lasting ice melting power to help visitors have a safer experience
  • Less product needed to keep walkways clear

Try making the environmentally friendly switch yourself, your garden will thank you for it!

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