Why Do Snow fighters Prefer Ice Slicer®?

Ice Slicer® is an all natural mineral salt harvested from an ancient sea deposit in central Utah. With 4 complex chlorides and 60+ minerals, that offer high performance in all storm conditions, Ice Slicer® is fast acting, long lasting, costs less per storm, and is safe for the environment. But don’t just take our word for it…road agencies in and out of the snow belt trust Ice Slicer® to keep their communities safe and to save lives.

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High Performance at all Temperatures

The complex chlorides in Ice Slicer® give road crews peace of mind, no matter what storm conditions they face.

“At all temperatures, Ice Slicer was superior to standard road salt at melting snow & ice.”

– Utah transportation safety headquarters

“We have found many advantages with Ice Slicer. Most apparent is how much quicker it melts ice compared to white salt. We now have citizens calling to specifically request Ice Slicer in their neighborhoods.”  Colorado Springs, CO

“Took one truck loaded with white salt; one loaded with Ice Slicer up the freeway spreading both equally. Turned around - came back down - the Ice Slicer lane was wet – white salt hadn’t even started melting.” – Heber, UT

“With Ice Slicer, roads were usually dry 6 to 12 hours ahead of other areas.” – CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation)

“Ice Slicer roads are dry much faster. With white salt, the lingering moisture in the night air normally requires reapplication. But with Ice Slicer we don’t have to babysit the roads through the night.” – Salina, UT

Reduces Crashes

Ice Slicer® restores road traction quickly without the need for additional aggregates.  

“We had 30% fewer crashes within the first year using Ice Slicer.” – Flagstaff, AZ

“In our first year using Ice Slicer we reduced crashes 45%.” – ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation)

“Ice Slicer reduced our traffic accident rates – it melts faster and lasts longer.” – Greeley, CO

Saves Money

Because of its naturally high performance, Ice Slicer® costs less per storm and less per lane mile than traditional white road salt. Simply put, less product is needed to restore roads to drivable conditions.

“We used Ice Slicer in limited quantities until severe downsizing. Rather than reducing our use of Ice Slicer, as a cost savings measure we actually increased its usage. We changed most of our routes over to Ice Slicer and applied it at 150 lbs/LM. The results are miraculous, allowing us to get onto other routes much quicker.” – Colorado Springs, CO

“By applying Ice Slicer in the right amount for the road condition, then leaving it on the road to allow the chemical process to complete, we are able to stay within budget and capitalize upon Ice Slicer’s remarkable deicing performance.” – Steve A., Utah transportation safety

“Ice Slicer allowed us to reduce our salt application up to 50%. With heavier storms than the previous year, we still reduced our salt costs 38%.” – Jed B., South Jordan City, UT

“Sand/white salt mix takes 3 loads to service 60 miles. With Ice Slicer, it takes just one load!” – Duchesne County, UT

“I have been in the snow and ice control business for over 25 years and am always looking for better and more cost effective ways to deal with our climate of many black ice and freezing rain events. Ice Slicer has outperformed all of the other brands we have used.”          - Magnum Enterprises, Ketchikan AK

“With Ice Slicer we cut our salt application in half!” - South Jordan, UT

Less Corrosive / Protects Equipment

The 60+ minerals in Ice Slicer® act as a natural buffer against corrosion, extending the life of snow fighting equipment and road infrastructure. Plus it is safer for windshields!

“Ice Slicer gives good traction – we no longer need to use sand. There are no more complaints about sandy grit damaging property & windshields!” - Casper, Wyoming

“Using Ice Slicer, we now spend $200,000 less per year on guard rails.” - Wichita Falls, TX

“Maintaining equipment is one of our biggest expenses, so we pay attention to the products we use. We notice more corrosion on our equipment when we use white salt…Ice Slicer is less corrosive and helps our equipment last longer.” - Heber City, UT

Better For Environment

Ice Slicer’s® mineral content not only buffers the effects of chlorides on the environment, but they actually nourish roadside plant growth when used in the correct application rates.

“We also use Ice Slicer on our parking lots and sidewalks and have had no adverse effects to our grass or plants. In general, I think everyone is pleased with Ice Slicer, including the citizens.” - Casper, Wyoming

Thank you to all the hardworking snow fighters who brave the elements to keep us safe all winter long!

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