How To Stay Ahead Of Winter Storms

“Keep a Weather Eye Out”

  • Sign up for local weather alerts from a trusted app or reliable news source. Consider these sources: National Weather Service, Weather Bug, Weather Channel, or Accuweather.
  • Know the difference between the National Weather Service’s updates and notifications according to severity level.

Weather notification categories: difference between weather outlook, weather advisory, weather watch, and weather warning

  • Weather Outlook: Possible weather risks in the next 7 days (prepare a plan of action)
  • Weather Advisory: Hazardous weather is imminent or likely (use caution)
  • Weather Watch: Hazardous weather threats in the near future (have a plan of action)
  • Weather Warning: Weather hazards occurring immediately (take protective action)

Make A Plan

  • Reach out to any local loved ones who are away from home. Make sure they are watching the weather to get home in time.
  • Let children know a storm is coming and what to expect (a little bit of preparedness can greatly help kids with anxiety).
  • Make sure household members know where emergency supplies are located (ie. food, water, lighting, heating sources) and how to shut off gas and water if needed.
  • Have an evacuation plan and meeting place in case of emergencies (for example: if a tree falls on your home and everyone evacuates out different exits, make sure you know where to gather and what to do next).


  • Ensure vehicles have a full tank of gas.
  • Move vehicles under car ports or into garages if available.
  • Place your winter emergency car kit inside your vehicle and make sure it is fully stocked.

Snow and Ice Pretreatment

  • Pretreat your driveway and high traffic walkways with deicer. Spreading a light amount of ice melt can prevent ice from bonding to pavement, and make shoveling much easier. Learn more about how and when to use deicer.
  • Store ice melt, snow shovel, and snow blower in a dry and easy to access location.

Ice Slicer Nature's Blend granular deicer

Secure Animals

  • Check that livestock and outdoor animals have an appropriately sized place to shelter from the storm (coops, hutches, lean-tos, 3 sided sheds, etc.)
  • Ensure they have access to food and water during the storm.
  • Secure feed storage so it stays dry and safe.
  • Bring indoor/companion animals inside, and make sure you have access to their food storage and extra cleaning supplies (in case of accidents if the storm is too bad to let them outside).

Other Outside Prep

  • Make sure firewood/solid fuels are in a dry, protected, and accessible location.
  • Clear walkways of bikes, toys, sports equipment, etc. and store accordingly.
  • Close and secure all gates and doors to storage and outbuildings. 
  • If you have storm shutters, make sure they are closed and secure.

Once You’re Inside

  • Close up all windows.
  • Check in on relatives, neighbors, and friends to make sure they are safe and ready.
  • Break out your comfy clothes, light a fire, whip up some hot chocolate or cider, and stay safe and cozy!

cozy feet in front of the fireThank you for joining us in our preparations to get ready for the winter. Click to learn more about using safe and naturally high performing deicing products in your winter supplies. We wish you and your household a happy and healthy winter season!

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