How to Know if Products are Really Made in the USA?

Why Buy Made in the USA Products?

There is always room for improvement in the manufacturing community, but in general there are many reasons to choose domestic products.

Why buy made in the USA products

Higher Fair Labor Standards

When you purchase products sourced and/or manufactured in the U.S., you are supporting a higher standard of labor practices enforced at the federal and state level. Many other countries do not legislate and/or enforce:

When a company outsources manufacturing labor to other countries to lower costs, they also lower their ability to oversee the production process and ensure workers are being treated fairly. Even fastidious companies have had to drop products and make changes after discovering cases of child labor, forced labor, dangerous working conditions, trafficking, or even forced animal labor in their production line abroad. 

Product Quality And Safety

Currently, the top 2 manufacturing countries in the world are China and the United States, at $4 trillion and $2.3 trillion respectively. But quantity does not always mean quality. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) conducted a survey of both Chinese and American consumers and found that “85 percent of consumers in the U.S. and 82 percent in China believe American-made products are of higher quality.”

The United States enforces stricter product safety, advertising, and consumer protection laws and the results are noticeable. These standards apply to individual components, the manufacturing process, as well as finished products. 

Support Local and National Economy

Throughout the pandemic, we have all seen what happens when imported supply chains from abroad are disrupted. Purchasing American products creates an upward flowing stream of benefits for our country. When you buy domestically sourced and manufactured products you employ fellow Americans and create stability that is invested back into your local and national economy. 

Made in America FAQ

Made in the USA products

If a product has an American flag on the packaging, was it made in the USA?

Not necessarily. Anytime a product uses USA symbols or iconography, they are making an “implied claim” to be American made. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) then interprets the impressions and context surrounding these claims to see if they are truthful or misleading and makes decisions on a case by case basis. 

• Click to learn more about "Made in the USA" claims from the FTC.

How can I tell if a product is made in the USA?

All automobiles, textiles, wool, and fur products are required by law to disclose their USA made content. For all other products, there is no law requiring a disclosure of USA made content. 

However, companies that choose to claim USA made content (through words or symbols) must comply with the FTC’s Made in the USA standards or risk fines and other penalties.

What is the difference between “sourced” and “manufactured” in the USA?

In order to claim that a product is “Made in the USA”, a company must be able to prove that “all or virtually all” of the product’s creation occurred in the United States with US sourced components. The FTC reviews the components, sources, and manufacturing processes for compliance.

Some companies source components from other countries and then assemble them in the United States. These companies are required to use phrases like “Assembled in USA” or “Made in USA from imported parts.”

Who certifies or enforces Made in the USA products?

The FTC is the only legal authority on Made in the USA products. However, there is no universal seal or logo that must be used on these products. Companies may use different icons and text to show their Made in the USA credentials. There are a few privately owned review boards that provide their own version of an American made seal/logo, but they are not affiliated with the FTC. 

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