Safe Choice with Taxpayer Dollars

Ice Slicer® Works At All Temperatures

Preparing for the volatility of winter involves being ready for a wide range of precipitation rates and temperature ranges. Stockpiling the right product reduces the need for costly, last minute orders when winter temperatures plunge.

For example, investing taxpayer dollars in a stockpile of white road salt and then discovering it won’t help clear roads past 21° F is an expensive and dangerous oversight. Selecting a deicing treatment with a more expansive temperature range will deliver the biggest return on investment and save more lives.

simple chloride vs complex chloride

Ice Slicer’s unique blend of complex chlorides and minerals increases its melting power under a wide range of winter temperatures. With 4 chloride salts and 60+ trace minerals, Ice Slicer’s® natural high performance is appreciated by snow fighters, road agencies, and winter drivers alike. 

“At all temperatures, Ice Slicer® was superior to standard road salt at melting snow & ice.” 

–Utah Winter Operations Director

Ice Slicer® Requires Less Product To Get The Job Done (Cost vs. Value)

Over-applying road treatments is hard on winter budgets, our infrastructure, and our environment. It is possible to use a “less is more” approach and still protect public safety. Selecting a deicer that gives you more bang for your buck means:

  • Product lasts longer
  • Fewer passes for snowfighting crews
  • Less wear and tear on fleet equipment
  • Fewer infrastructure repairs
  • Reduced impact on the environment

For these reasons, cost per storm or cost per lane mile are much more accurate metrics than cost per ton. It's not cheaper if you have to buy and use much more product to get the job done.

most valuable deicer

Simply put, Ice Slicer® delivers value by getting the job done with a lot less product! Make your stockpiles last longer and save even more money on the back end with fewer accidents, repairs, or closed roads to deal with.

As an added bonus, Ice Slicer® provides life saving traction without the need for additional road aggregates. Road agencies across the country have found that by reducing or eliminating the use of sand and gravel, they save a lot of money on post storm clean up. 

“Ice Slicer® delivers a ‘double-bang’...traction and melting! It saved us over $64,000 in clean up costs alone in the first year we used it!”


“With Ice Slicer® we cut our salt application in half!”


Watch the video below to learn more about the direct and indirect costs of winter road maintenance:

Better For The Environment

Environmental impact is an indirect cost of what we put on our roads every year. Some winter road treatments tout themselves as environmentally friendly after focusing on a single section of our planet. When choosing a winter road treatment it is important to consider impact on:

  • Air quality (particulate matter pollution)
  • Waterway health (biochemical oxygen demand, shallowing/clogging water flow)
  • Animal health (harsh chemicals and dyes that bioaccumulate)
  • Plant and soil health

environmentally safe deicer

The Earth spent over 200 million years perfecting the balance of over 60 minerals in our why mess with perfection? We like to call it Mother Nature’s perfect recipe for melting ice and snow. With no added chemicals or dyes, Ice Slicer® is a safe, OMRI certified organic deicer straight from the Earth. Ice Slicer® protects the environment by:

  • Reducing particulate matter (PM) air pollution by eliminating the need for dusty road aggregates like sand and gravel
  • Protecting wildlife from bioaccumulating dyes and harsh chemicals
  • Nourishing soil and plant life with over 60 naturally occurring rare earth minerals
  • Protecting waterways through reducing biochemical oxygen demand and introducing less sediment than sand and gravel

Local Supplier With Roots In The Community

Selecting an operation that is invested in complete health on and off the roadway is the safest choice for the economy and public trust.

Safe Choice with Taxpayer Dollars-01-1

Ice Slicer® is proudly harvested from the Redmond Mine, an ancient sea mineral deposit located in central Utah. We are proud to be made in the U.S.A. with ingredients sourced directly from American soil. We take our commitment to public health, environmental safety, and fiscal responsibility very seriously. Click here to learn more about our team, history, and mine. Contact us today to give Ice Slicer® a try this winter!

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