Windshield Test: Ice Slicer vs. Gravel

We frequently hear from snow fighters that Ice Slicer® is the best winter road treatment out there. In fact, the city of Casper, Wyoming told us that after ditching gravel and switching to Ice Slicer they stopped getting calls about damaged property and windshields. We decided to put that feedback to the test. Which is safer for your windshields...gravel or Ice Slicer?

Downsides of Using Road Aggregates

Road aggregates, like sand and gravel, cause more problems than they solve:

• They are not deicers. They are not freeze point depressants and do not melt ice and snow.

• They increase damage to windshields and other private and public property.

• They increase particulate matter air pollution.

• They clog drainage channels up and down the roadway.

They artificially shallow increase turbidity and  of local waterways.

• Because they are not water soluble, they require costly and time consuming clean up.

Ice Slicer® Increases Traction and Reduces Damage

Fortunately, nature provided the perfect recipe for melting ice and snow, while also saving your windshield. Ice Slicer's® mineral granules are the perfect texture to restore road traction and clear roads fast.

• Powerful deicer with a natural blend of complex chlorides and over 60 minerals to quickly melt ice and snow.

• Won't damage windshields and less corrosive to infrastructure than traditional rock salt.

• Does not contribute to particulate air pollution.

• Water solubility means Ice Slicer® won't clog drainage channels.

• Does not pollute waterways or increase biochemical oxygen demand.

• Requires zero cleanup.

The difference is clear...Ice Slicer® is the safer and more efficient alternative to road aggregates!

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